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Billy Goat Industries, Inc. is the premier manufacturer of specialty power equipment used for lawn renovation, mowing, and debris management. Billy Goat design and produce commercial-grade machinery for contractors, homeowners, and rental dealers. R T Machinery are pleased to be be suppliers of Billy Goat machines.
Billygoat Compact Wheel Blower
Compact Wheel Blower

Billygoat Standard Wheel Blower
Standard Wheel Blower


Billy Goat's Quiet Blow® wheel blowers feature a patented exhaust design that condenses and controls exhaust air into a tight pattern, providing the best air control and velocity at the industry's lowest noise levels. An ergonomically designed lever allows you to direct airflow exactly where it is needed, right from the handle.

Quiet Blow® blowers set the standard for wheel blowers. Horsepower-for-horsepower, these are the lightest wheel blowers on the market. Though they may weigh less than other units, the robotically welded 12-gauge steel housing and engine base mean the Quiet Blow® blowers are built to take heavy use.

A 14-blade nylon fan reduces overall vibration and gyroscopic forces common with metal fans found on competitive units. Pneumatic tires and optimum fore/aft weight distribution provide for maximum maneuverability. With Briggs & Stratton, Honda and Robin/Subaru engine options ranging from 5 HP to 13 HP, the Quiet Blow® blowers have the power to produce hurricane-force air speeds of up to 180 mph!

  • Exhaust Director (patented) - Direct the air exactly where you want it when you want it
  • Balance - Optimal center of gravity for easy manoeuvering and low fatigue
  • Lowest noise - When compared to other wheel blowers, the Quiet Blow® produces the lowest decibel level
  • Strong, welded chassis - The engine base is robotically welded to the blower hosuing for maximum durability
  • Glass-filled nylon fan - Less weight on engine crankshaft; lower noise, lower vibration, easier starting
  • Smooth operation - Six shock mounts absorb engine vibration
Billygoat Multi-purpose Vacuum
Multi-purpose Vacuum

Billygoat Hard-surface vacuum
Hard-surface vacuum

Billygoat Wide-area vacuum
Wide-area vacuum

Industrial Vacuums

Billy Goat Industrial Vacuums are designed for everyday litter collection on hard surfaces. Introduced in 1967, the BG model is the company's original vacuum. Recent additions to the line include the multi-purpose SV vacuum and the wide-area VQ vacuum. Both of these vacuums feature scroll-shaped housing to reduce overall noise and provide the suction necessary to vacuum litter, cans, bottles, cigarette butts, etc.

Billy Goat Multi-Purpose Litter Vacuum
Combining plenty of power, quiet operation, a 27" polyethylene intake nozzle and a proprietary bagging system, the Billy Goat SV vacuum is the most revolutionary and quietest vacuum we've ever built. The unique bagging system reduces backpressure, which increases suction power. Strong enough to pick up litter, thatch, leaves and other debris on hard surface or turf, the SV is by far our most versatile vacuum.

Billy Goat Hard-surface Litter Vacuums
First introduced in 1967, the BG PRO vacuums are Billy Goat's original all-purpose vacuums. For use on hard surfaces only, the BG includes a 29" all-steel adjustable intake nozzle and swivel casters for excellent maneuverability. This model continues to be popular with customers who are hard on equipment. The BG1002SP is self-propelled with 1 forward and 1 reverse speed.

Billy Goat Wide-area Litter Vacuums
The undisputed heavyweight of industrial vacuums, the Billy Goat VQ delivers maximum cleaning width and quiet operation. The scroll-shaped housing and six-bladed impeller reduce noise and produce impressive suction for cleaning up cans, litter, bottles, and other debris found on hard surfaces. The VQ PRO also features a 33" all-steel adjustable intake and our largest filter bag for increased run time between empties. The VQ1002SP is self-propelled with 5 forward and 1 reverse speed.

NV ELIET is a relatively young company that has earned its reputation and its fame by constantly innovating and improving its models. Today the ELIET name has become a byword for quality and a professional approach in the world of gardening. Every day, somewhere in Europe, several customers become the proud owner of an ELIET machine. A machine that will give them years of satisfaction as a powerful partner in their work in the garden, park or forest. For ELIET it all started over 20 years ago, with the production of the first dethatcher in a small workshop.

Shredders & Chippers

A High quality range of European built chipper / shredders suitable for Garden, Commercial Operators and Contractor alike. The Eliet patented chopping technique maximes the use of engine power - chopping into the material in the direction of the fibres the knives chop the branches like an axe splits logs - efficiently utilising feed of material and engine power. Try chopping across a log compared with splitting it in the same direction as the fibres and you will see just how the force required differs. The Eliet sloping long feed chute provides optimum safety whilst allowing a nautural gravity assistance to the rotating knife feed system. The simple knife system also helps contribute to self sharpening, reduced fuel consumption, less vibration, reduced wear and noise reduction.

Maintenance is straighforward with easy access to the shredding chamber and knives.

Optional Interchangeable sieve screens allow you to regulate chipping size. Compactness and the manouverabilty of the units allow for use in many awkward areas and for simple vehicle loading.

Professional models have the choice of manual or hydraulic material in feed and can be used with an attachable loading conveyor.

Eliet machines are in use daily in many commercial operations - we have them working hard with Contractors, Crematoriums (where spent floral tributes are processed without worry of wires wrapping), Private Estates and woodland, Local authority green waste sites and in many homeowner situations. Petrol and diesel models available.

Demonstrations avaliable on request - full line brochures by post a pleasure.

Eliet Minor chipper shredder Minor
A true example of how waste can be processed safely.The ergonomics of this machine are amazing. The Eliet Minor harmoniously combines a wide feed-in opening (for fast processing of various types of waste), with compactness and user-friendliness. Branches that are curved or have twigs are also easily processed. And more importantly, you process the waste in an extremely safe manner. The machine is also equipped with a specially mounted protection net, a steel safety guard and a robust mud flap.
Eliet Major chipper shredder Major
The wide feed-in opening (35 cm) eagerly awaits large volumes of different types of waste. The large wheels enable you to easily navigate the machine into any corner of your garden, where you can safely process larger branches and trimmings. A protection net keeps children and small pets away from the danger zone, and a steel safety guard and a mud flap prevent splinters and stones from flying upwards. The garden waste from larger gardens sometimes contains thicker branches. If such a thick branch is fed into the Eliet Major, then the belt drive absorbs the impact of this sudden blockage. This also extends the operating life of the engine.Moreover, the transmission ratio for the belt drive increases in the active engine torque.
Eliet Major Pro chipper shredder Major Pro
The Eliet Major Pro is a versatile tool that enables the professional gardener to tackle many tasks. Thanks to the chipping possibilities of the Eliet Hatchet principle™, the Major Pro can always be usefully deployed. This machine can easily perform any kind of trimming work. The 9 hp power rating of the machine enables it to tackle any job. Moreover, the Eliet Major Pro is extremely user-friendly. You can easily obtain access to the blades in order to perform maintenance.
Eliet Prof IV chipper shredder Prof IV
The Eliet Prof IV combines compactness and capacity in a masterful manner. The wide feed-in opening also has a healthy appetite for thicker branches, and only requires minimal engine power to achieve this. The engine thus continues to operate optimally, even when it has to cope with more demanding tasks
Super Prof chipper shredder Super Prof
The gigantic capacity of the Eliet Super Prof is sometimes hard to believe when you see its robust compactness. The performance of the machine is breathtaking: – it will only take you one hour to quickly chip the trimmings that are produced from eight hours of work – and furthermore, you can easily navigate this 83 cm wide high-tech machine alongside all garden hedges and gates. The machine perfectly satisfies the main operating requirement stipulated by Eliet: one man, one machine. Where you can also drive the machine right up to the trimmings. Extremely fast processing of the wood for an extremely low consumption. But we only have to say this once. The Eliet Super Prof provides the ultimate price/quality ratio.
Mega Prof chipper shredder Mega Prof
The latest design from ELIET goes one step further. The MEGA PROF is the first ELIET chipper to be equipped with a diesel engine. The performance of the water-cooled 3-cylinder engine in combination with the ELIET Hatchet principle TM is simply astounding. This compact, self-propelled chipper can process waste up to a maximum diameter of 15 cm. Despite this capacity, the Mega Prof is content to process large volumes of leafy waste. The large loading hopper with a low feed-in height (< 600 mm) and an integral feed-in conveyor belt provide an unparalleled level of user comfort. The ingenious discharge system for the chippings ensures that the machine can operate noiselessly and without any risk of injury from flying chippings in a perfectly harmonious manner within its surroundings. It is evident that no single detail has been overlooked when designing the Mega Prof. The distinct look of the machine ensures that it belongs to a new generation of chippers.


The condition of the garden lawn is very often examined to the very last detail. For example, everyone dreams about having a golf course in their own back garden. A garden lawn thus requires the correct care. A lawn surface requires a high-density of grass plants per m2 in order to be fully covered. All parasites must also be periodically removed from the garden lawn so that each blade of grass has enough room to grow into a wide shrub. These parasites can, for example, be mosses, weeds, thatch and fungi. At ELIET we have been manufacturing Scarifyers for more than 20 years and have acquired a high degree of expertise in this field. Professional users of ELIET Scarifyers benefit from this expertise every day.

Eliet E 501 Pro scarifier E 501 Pro
The perfect symbiosis of craftsmanship and expertise. Drawing on its twenty years of experience and know-how, ELIET has developed a dethatching machine that it is unrivalled. Every single requirement of the professional user has been taken into account. The powerful professional engines, the infinitely variable self-locking height adjustment, and the large wheels on double ball bearings, will not escape your expert eye. The ELIET Permanently Sharp Blades™ are located underneath the frame. The Permanently Sharp Blades guarantee that your ELIET machine will continue to achieve the same efficiency. This is how we interpret working efficiently!


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