Eliet Prof 5 B Shredder | Special Offer |

From £6,950 +VAT

Eliet Prof 5 B Shredder. 2018 machine. As New. Autumn Promotional Offer Only!
By means of the wide feed-in opening (560 mm x 520 mm) with auxiliary feed, there is no problem feeding in large amounts of green waste. With a wheel base 780 mm wide, this shredder is extremely stable even if one temporarily deviates from the beaten tracks. The advantage of the engine clutch is that one can start the engine in idle which is beneficial for the life span of the starter motor. The Prof 5B is designed to operate at least 8 hours a day. The modern engine has OHC (Overhead Cams) technology which enables higher compression in the cylinder which translates into better performance. Each of the two drive wheels is equipped with a powerful hydraulic motor. Any Trial at our premises. Special Seasonal Price! Call 01844 299 037 for details.

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