Etesia Hydro 100 III

The Etesia Hydro 100 III. The perfect model for professional users who demand the ultimate machine for exceptional mowing and collection performance.

Etesia Hydro 100 III

I have been working on Etesia mowers for over 30 years now and I look at a machine from a different point of view to a salesman or an operator.

 I look at a machine for its design, reliability, ease of maintenance, durability and parts availability. Also if the machine does what it’s designed to do. The Etesia product, especially the Hydro 100 ticks all my boxes.

I have seen 3 generations now of the same machine and they just get better. If you need a machine to cut and collect in all weathers, the Etesia MKEHH is the machine for you.

The new version has a larger collection box and cuts your grass quicker than previous models. I have always said to all our customers if you buy an Etesia MKEHH Hydro 100 you have bought a machine for life. If I  had enough grass in my back garden to warrant a ride-on mower I would buy nothing else!

Steve PalmerTechnical Director at RT Machinery