Iseki TXG237

The Iseki TXG237 is an easy to use, versatile tractor with all the features and benefits of a much larger tractor. With a flat easy-access platform it’s simple to operate and easy to master. Clear automotive style dashboard and controls, fully auto style hydrostatic transmission with switchable 4WD traction drive make the Iseki TXG237 very user-friendly. Individual forward and reverse pedals give the operator precise control. Its compact dimensions and powerful 23 hp diesel engine makes the Iseki TXG237 an excellent multi-purpose tractor. Robust enough to take a front loader or backhoe and other implements. With a full category 13-point linkage system and rear 540rpm PTO there are endless attachments available including rear mowers, rotavators, levellers, harrows and collectors. There is also a standard mid-PTO that allows the fitting of centre mounted mowing decks; this makes the Iseki TXG237 a very versatile machine for any application.

Our all-round Compact Tractor for sport, school, livery yard, private estate or home that won’t break the bank.


This unique, compact and small chassis tractor is great! A 22hp water cooled diesel engine offers suitable power and a good lift capacity for the estate, sports ground and contractor markets. Smooth hydrostatic transmission, low ground pressure, fully safety compliment, affordable at purchase, with maintenance in mind and running costs this really is a unique machine. Three-point linkage mounted, rear and mid-PTO as standard. A variety of mid-mounted mowing decks available, front loader, buckets, you name it. There is not a lot this tractor cannot offer. Low service costs, 24-month professional warranty and a very competitive price tag!

Scott ReynoldsArea Sales Manager at RT Machinery