Ransomes TR320 Triple Mower

The Ransomes TR320 Triple Mower is our finest triple and suitable for a multitude of uses and client applications across the industry. The TR320 comes with a heritage of refined triple mowing and has evolved from the original TR3 series to be our most universal and value for money triple mower. Designed by the factory design team to optimise the multi-platform power unit it is innovative yet reassuringly traditional in its build.

The powerful Kubota diesel engine sits transversely in the chassis allowing for ample power transfer yet additionally achieving the perfect point of weighing distribution and traction. This clever design also allows the hydraulic tank to be mounted at the rear of the unit adding to the weight distribution, traction and importantly the gazelle-like bank working and approach industry leading angles. Traction is further enhanced with the standard fitment of a rear wheel drive system and an optional weight transfer kit.

The winning combination of superior slope capabilities and manoeuvrability makes the TR320 the only choice when it comes to negotiating tight spaces and challenging terrain while delivering a pristine mowing performance.

With a choice of 5 or 7-bladed cylinders, floating or fixed head Ransomes British-built cutting units it is very versatile and suitable for use in fine turf sport, ornamental or amenity applications.

The three cutting units are hydraulically driven with outboard motor drive and can be configured in either a full lift with vertical fold up of the front units or very cleverly lift horizontally only allowing the motors to be tucked inside the units for a close cut to borders, hedges and fence lines.

Factory fit options that can be configured in build to suit a range of applications from cricket, football, rugby, verge, park or estate include on board hydraulic back lapping, weight transfer, mow mode control, front and rear roller scraper kits, led amber beacon, road registration and lighting kits.

Ransomes TR320 Triple Mower

The Ransomes TR320 has, after many years of requesting a utility triple, given us our perfect all-rounder. From the perfect weight distribution to comfort, traction, quality of cut and ease of use for the operator, this well-thought out, easy to move and store triple, will be just at home on parish fields as it is in stadia.