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RTM Suffolk® Eco Spread

Top Dresser = £8,995 +VAT

Part of the RTM Suffolk® range of turf care products manufactured by RTM to allow one machine to be used for loading and spreading sand or top dressing – The RTM Suffolk® Eco Spread self-loads saving time as well as being more efficient than having to use two tractors and a loader system or loading by hand. The height to which the spreader is lowered to for loading can be adjusted easily to collect your material from a full pile to scraping the bottom. Loading is done by lowering the spreader hydraulically and reversing into your material and at the same time raising the spreader with the hydraulics to obtain maximum efficiency.

The turf saver wheels power the agitator allowing for an even distributed application of material to the surface.

The level of material to spread can be adjusted easily to your requirements.

This simple design and dispensing mechanism mean less manual work and downtime leaving more time spreading the vital material at those crucial perfect weather times.

One tractor, one machine, one application – Economical Dressing from the RTM Suffolk® Eco Spread.