Scag V-Ride

The Scag V-Ride is an ultra-compact, agile, comfortable and stable stand on mowing machine. It combines the speed and comfort of a rider with the space-saving convenience of a walk-behind mower.

Despite its compact size, the V-Ride boasts many full-sized features like hydraulic oil coolers, dual 10cc hydraulic pump and dual 12ci motor drive system, coil-suspension platform, and a heavy-duty steel mainframe. Pair a powerful 20hp, 24hp or 26hp Kawasaki FX commercial-grade engine with a 36″ Advantage™ or a 48″ or 52″ Velocity Plus™ deck and you have an ideal combination of agility, power and performance.

With a low centre-of-gravity and extra-large drive tyres, stability is never compromised. The operator rides on a coil suspension platform utilizing 3.5-inch springs to deliver 1.25 inches of bump soaking, back saving travel. The operator comfort pad is fully adjustable to 12 different positions to fit a wide range of operator sizes and riding styles.V-Ride

This is truly the ultimate stand on mower with excellent handling, stability and quality. No cut corners, no plastic pulleys, nothing but top quality construction and unmatched performance. Don’t take our word for it. Book a demo today and see for yourself.