Ryetec C1600C

Brand new Commercial specification Ryetec C1600C ground tip Flail Collector

Ryetec C1600C Flail CollectorThis is the Commercial version with heavy duty rotor bearings, heavy duty hammer flails. It requires a minimum of a 35hp tractor with 2 hoses.

This unit will be fully prepared and sold ready to use,

Price on application

Delivery service offered.


High quality DW Tomlin 2.1mtr finishing mower with roller, sports field, parks, pasture, this mower will give the striped finish required, only £3,495.00 + vat, local delivery free, further afield for an agreed charge.

Ideal for Football. Rugby and recreation grounds. ALSO available in 1.5 and 1.8 mtr sizes.

DW Tomlin Finishing MowerDW Tomlin Finishing MowerDW Tomlin finishing mower


Wisconsin Pirana

Wisconsin Pirana W3800W-3800 Pirana Diesel Groundscare Tractor

The W-3800 Pirana is one of the best premier mowing tractors available today. You won't find another machine in its class that can rival the Pirana's ability to cut and collect large areas quickly, especially when the grass is tall or wet. The 20 hp Kubota water cooled diesel engine strikes the perfect balance between power and economy, helping to bring your fuel expenses to a minimum. Equally capable off the turf, the W-3800 Pirana can be equipped with a comprehensive range of tools for leaf collection, snow removal, and general clean-up around your site.


High Tip CollectorLow Tip CollectorThe W-3800 Piranha can be equipped with either a 600 litre high tip or a 600 litre low tip collector. High tip (or low tip) can be added anytime - attachment is simple and requires only bolting on the collector you want to use and connecting the hydraulic hoses.


Pro Grade Fabricated Deck

Fabricated Mowing Deck

The 122 cm heavy duty, counter-rotating twin blade deck has the optimal geometry for processing clippings, giving better collection and mulching results. Reinforced edges provide greater durability.

Steel Spindle Housings

Steel Spindle Housings

You won't find another blade spindle housing like it these are tough as they need to be considering they are one of the most critical components of your machine. We use an honest piece of steel, and back it with a 5 year warranty - they are that tough!

EZ Adjust Blade Boss

EZ Adjust Boss

Makes it easy to remove blades for sharpening, and reinstall them in the correct position. Patented boss is unaffected by corrosion, debris, or wear.

Patented Full Bag Sensor

Full Bag Sensor

Precisely monitors air flow throughout the deck and collector for accurate operation, all the time. Shuts off at 90% fullness allow finishing a cut before heading off to unload. Twin Contra blade rotation blasts clippings into the grass box.


Overlapping Blades

80 mm Blade Overlap

80cm overlap of blades to ensure no Mohican stripes of uncut grass.

Industry respected Professional Grade Kubota Engines

Kubota Engine

The 20.5 hp liquid cooled diesel engine provides loads of power and smooth running, quiet, fuel efficient operation

Professional Drive Line

Drive System

The highest quality final drives available. These are specially designed for maximizing grass tunnel size and providing maximum reliability.
Kevlar reinforced belts are used for minimal service and maximum life.

Power Steering

Power Steering

Mow around trees and obstacles with minimum effort. Proper geometry won't plow or grab in turns, or let you down under load and with heavy wet grass in the collector.

Electric Collector Unloading

Electric Collector Unloading

Unload the massive 600 liter collector by simply pressing a button on the dash. It doesn't get easier!

Massive 600 litre Collector

Grass Collector

The impressive 98% fill efficiency combined with the cavernous volume saves you time - more mowing and less time driving off to your dumping area.


Extra Large Tunnel

Huge Tunnel

Cut lush, wet, or tall grass without blocking and having to clear out the blocked tunnel or chute.


Grab Bars

Grab Bars

Sturdy fender mounted grab bars help getting onto & off of the tractor, give a place to hang on to when mowing slopes, and assist when moving the machine in a trailer, van, or garage.


Deluxe Seat and Ergonomic Operator position and Controls for comfort and ease of use in the working day.

Adjustable Seat

Heavy duty front axle and tyres

Super Duty Front Axle

Optional Front Hitch and PTO Available

Front Hitch

W-3800 Piranha





D 722 Diesel

  Power (hp)

20.5 hp @ 3600 rpm

  Fuel Tank Capacity - l(gal)

9 (2.4)




  Speed, For/ Rev- km/h (mph)

13 (8.1) / 6(3.7)


  Synchronized Twin Blade


  Kevlar Reinforced Timing Belt


  EZ Adjust Blade Adapter


  Austempered Steel Blades


  Precision STEEL Spindle Housings


  Hi Vacuum System


  Electromagnetic Clutch PTO


  EZ Attach Deck


  Cutting Width - mm (in)

1220 (48)

  Cutting Height - mm (in)

25-135 (1.0-5.5)

  Caster Wheels


  Cleaning (Garden Hose) Ports

Steel x 2



16 x 6.5-8

  Ball Bearing Front Wheels



23x8.5-12 Bolt-On


  Frame Type

Welded Steel

  Front Axle

Super Duty Steel


Fully Adjustable Hi Back with Headrest

  Length, with collector - mm


  Width x Height - mm

1265 x 1220

  Weight - kg



  Emptying Control


  Container Volume L (gal.)

600 (159) Low or High Tip


  Full Bag Shutoff System


  High Capacity Battery


  Hour Meter



Shibaurau CM Series

A range of productive and very workable out-front mowers.

Shibaura CM374 out front mower
Operator comfort
  • Tilt and telescope steering column (for CM314 and CM374 only).
  • Comfort, easy adjust seat with sliding and reclining feature (for CM314 and CM374 only).
  • Simple and easy-to-see instrument panel.
  • Cruise Control (for CM314 and CM374 only).
  • Flat floor and sufficient leg room.
Operational usability
  • Hydrostatic transmission (one range for CM214 and two range for CM314 and CM374).
  • Auto/ Full time 4WD provides smooth driving under any ground conditions (especially on hills).
  • Standard with two double acting valves for connecting grass collector and another implements (for CM314 and CM374).
  • Large fuel tank allows you a full day operation without refueling.
  • Automatic engine stop feature makes the engine stop when you leave the driver’s seat.
  • Warning alarm device works when engine is overheated (for CM314 and CM374 only).
Shibaura CM314 out front mower
Accessible maintenance
  • One piece full open hood provides wider accessibility to the engine.
  • Flip-up mower deck with the drive shaft connected to the machine provides unobstructed access to deck and cutting blade.
  • Gas damper helps you pull the driver’s seat easily to access to the space under the seat (for CM314 and CM374 only).

Low-emission diesel engine
The Shibaura diesel engines mounted on the CM-series out front mower are environmentally friendly. It meets the US EPA Interim Tier-4 which is recognized as one of the toughest emission criteria in the world at present. Besides, the engine design takes the EU-DGXI stage 3A emission regulation into account. In order to satisfy upcoming emission control regulations, Shibaura will design its diesel engine to achieve better combustion efficiency, emission and less fuel consumption.

Low noise and low vibration

The Shibaura diesel engines realise low noise and low vibration in the whole engine revolution range. The engine has proper rigidity of the cylinder block and gear case cover, which helps reducing its mechanical and combustion noise.

Shibaura CM214 out front mower

Compact and light-weight

Applying Finite Element Method (FEM) for structural analysis, Shibaura designs its diesel engine to be compact and light-weight on the basis of the appropriate balance of rigidity, strength and weight.

Easy maintenance

The Shibaura diesel engines are ideal when it comes to easy maintenance. On one side of the engine, you can check the oil level, replace the oil filter and complete other necessary maintenance.

Muthing FM Series flail head attachments available for the Shibaura CM series.

CM374 with Muthing CM160 Flail
CM374 with Muthing CM160 Flail
Shibaura CM374
RTM install the 1st of a fleet of Shibaura CM374 and Muthing Flail mowers supplied to Transport for Buckinghamshire on their Amersham contract

Shibaura SG280 Slope Mower

Shibaura SG280 Slope MowerSG280 Slope mower

The SG280 is designed for mowing on slopes in as much comfort as on the flat and complies with safety.

With the SG280, Shibaura launches a sturdy slope mower with a low centre of gravity. 

The SG280 looks like a lawn and garden tractor, but is much larger. It has a PTO driven, 152 cm wide mower deck with side or rear discharge. The mower deck has been reinforced by means of additional plates and anti-scalping rollers in order to survive the rough mowing work on hills. All swivelling wheels, rollers and rotating parts have lubricating nipples. The wheels are driven by means of hydraulic engines. You can operate it in two wheel (transport) or four wheel (mowing) drive, by means of an L/H lever at the left side. When two wheel drive is chosen, the rear wheels will get the oil for the front wheel drive as well. If you let go of the driving pedal, the hydro engines will stop immediately, which is quite handy on a slope.

Shibaura SG280 Slope MowerSG280 Slope Mower



A striking feature is the seat that you can tilt yourself.

It is excellently able to mow steep slopes, and thanks to the 1.5 m wide mower deck you are also able to work efficiently on flat terrain.



Muthing mowers

Front Mounted Flail Mowers


Muthing MU-FM professional out front mowerMU-FM
For professional outfront mowers

Efficient outfront mowers need powerful and universally usable attachments. The MU-FM professional flail mower with linkages for various outfront mowers was developed especially for this purpose. The two point linkage in connection with the front wheels means that even on uneven land the mulcher can be driven precisely, close to the ground and with a uniform cutting height by virtue of the continuously variable height adjustment of the support roller.

The MU-FM is equipped with “M”-Carbide shackle flails and hardened wearing skids as standard. The patented, removable "Shark fin" shredding bar system ensures that it will mulch evenly without clogging. This robust professional flail mulcher can be used flexibly on both short grass and in long grass and vegetation. This reduces cost intensive setting up times and makes it more economical.



Muthing MU-FM professional out-front mowerMU-FM

These mulchers are supplied with a special fine cut outfit for exclusive lawn maintenance use: See the difference!

Working Width (cm)
Overall Width (cm)
Max. Tractor hp 2200 rpm
Weight (Kg)
No. of flails



CM374 with Muthing CM160 Flail

The Performance and Value is in the Design and Quality of a Muthing Flail.

Muthing flailTotally closed hood made from High Quality QSt/E Steel provides maximum material flow with hardened and tempered one way spring steel flaps in front and an even spread of mulch behind the roller, with provision for the optional installation of a removable wearing plate in the mulcher body along with wearing skids.


Muthing FlailSmooth running double spiral rotor with high cutting frequency for high throughput and very good quality of cut, robust bearings with overlapping bushes for cover and protection against foreign bodies

Muthing flailMuthing flailShackle “M”-Carbide flails to ensure clean cut and maximum shredding using less power (MU-C + C/S, MU-FM + FM/S, MU-E + E/S, MU-FM/Hydro + E/Hydro) (Scoop flails for MU-B)


Muthing Flail Shredding BarRemovable shredding bar in segmental construction: System “Shark fin”
(Müthing-Patent) for more effective mulching and defiberation*.

Strong gear box with over run protection for high power transmissions (see technical
data for the relevant flail mulcher) P.T.O. shaft with hardened inner tube and cap bottom lubrication


Muthing FlailMuthing flailHigh tempered “M”-Hammer flails to ensure clean cut and maximum shredding using less power forged from special steel with double reinforced rib to make it more fracture proof or alternatively a rotor with “M”-Shackle flails to cope with stones or other debris (MU-H + H/S, MU-L)

Muthing FlailSupport roller with rounded ends to protect the soil and turf with mechanical height adjustment for setting the height of cut, easily accessible exterior bearings with special seal and cap (MU-B, MU-C + C/S, MU-FM + FM/S, MU-E + E/S, MU-FM/Hydro + E/Hydro)

Muthing FlailMU-H, MU-H/S and MU-L with labyrinth protected internal roller bearings and shaft covering, MU-L with the multi protected “Starinth” bearing system equipped with closed double taper roller bearings for top professional use.




Tractor mounted flail mowers

Muthing MU-C tractor mounted flail mowerMU-C


Front or rear mounting for small or compact tractors

This range of mulchers is ideal for all mowing and mulching with small and compact tractors of 12 to 35 hp from cutting fine lawns to high grass or light vegetation: The MU-C mulchers display their overall versatility, their good cutting and mulching quality and their robust construction.

The well thought out construction facilitates the widest possible range of installations onto small and compact tractors and small outfront mowers. The hardened “M”-Carbide shackle flails ensure a good quality of cut in all conditions.

The cutting height can be easily adjusted via the support roller and the small distance between the rotor and the support roller ensures good
contour following. Use of the patented, removable "Shark fin" shredding bar system ensures that the quality of the mulching and consequently the rotting process is excellent.



Muthing MU-C tractor mpounted flail mowerMU-C
Optional incorporation of the adjustable hydro pneumatic Weight Transfer System MU-SOFA® for front installation in the front hydraulic system of the tractor also improves ride comfort and maintains steering quality even under difficult conditions, improves contour following and contributes to reducing the cost of wear and tear by reducing strain on bearings, wearing parts etc.

MU-C: The light and flexible variant for small tractors!

Working Width (cm)
Overall width (cm)
Max. Tractor hp (front/rear)
Weight (Kg; front/rear)
No. of flails



Muthing MU-C/S side mulcherMU-C/S
Side mulcher for rear mounting with fixed offset headstock.

The MU-C/S is one of the lightest and at the same time one of the most efficient side offset mulchers in this class on the market. It is mounted very close to the tractor and is therefore very suitable for use on small tractors from 15 to 20 hp upwards, provided that the weight and the track width of the tractor ensures safe operation.


Because of its similar characteristics the mowing and mulching quality is identical to that of the MU-C. The tilt of the mulcher can be adjusted from 45° downwards to 90° upwards. This makes it ideal for mowing and mulching ditches and embankments. The working area of the mulcher is offset about 60 cm to the right from the centre of the tractor so that the machine and its operation are always well within the operator's field of vision.


Muthing MU-C/S mulching combinationMU-C/S

MU-C/S: Versatile and universally usable, also in combination with a front mounted mulcher for more working width provided appropriate engine power is available.

Working Width (cm)
Max. Tractor hp (front/rear)
Weight (Kg)
No. of flails
Min. tractor weight (Kg)




Muthing MU-FM/SMU-FM/S
Rear and side multi purpose mulcher with patented break away system.

The hydraulically shiftable MU-FM/S rear and side mulcher, which can operate both to the side and the rear behind the tractor is a genuine all rounder. Its operating range is variable from 90° upwards to 60° downwards hydraulically adjustable. Its large swivelling range of 112 cm means that the mulcher is ideal for working on roadside greenery, dykes, ditches and hedges.

The MU-FM/S is designed for tractors of up to approx. 45 hp and one of its outstanding features is the well established Müthing mechanical safety breakaway system. This allows the mulcher to permanently reduce its load upwards, thus reducing the forces bearing on the lower link and the device.

The mulcher is of course also equipped with the “M”-Carbide shackle flails and the patented “Shark fin" shredding bar system and possesses all the positive mowing and mulching characteristics of the MU-FM. This produces optimum mowing and mulching and an even spread of the mulch on the surface. This results in a rapid and perfect rotting and composting on the surface: Brilliant in combination with a front mounted mulcher provided appropriate engine power is available.

Muthing MU-FM/S Measurements

Working Width (cm)
Max. Tractor hp
Weight (Kg)
No. of flails
Min. Tractor Weight

PDF Click here for the full range of Muthing Green Area Maintenance equipment.


RTM Sportster & Parkster Gang Mowers

Sets of 3 or 5 Gang mowers with frames, choice of new or reconditioned trailed units.

Also available with a transportable mounting frame – These units are robust and simple to maintain and come standard with a 6 bladed cylinder allowing for a high clip rate for sports ground, park or estate use.

RTM Gang mowers
  • Can be used with any compact or agricultural tractor equipped with a drawbar and or 3-point linkage – 18hp minimum
  • Quickly and easily fitted or removed from frames.
  • Mowers can be lifted instantly for road-crossing (mounted frame)
  • Sportster 8” cylinders for sport or park with Parkster 10” cylinders for semi rough.
  • Semi Pneumatic rubber tyres for puncture free use, pneumatics available if required.

Click here to visit the main RTM gang mower section.

Rapid Tractors

Two wheel tractors / conservation mowers / hay making machinery

All Rekord Rapid hydrostatic drive tractors can be fitted with various options to equip them to perform your individual tasks. There are many wheel and tyre options which include semi floatation, large balloon floatation, turf type along with dual and treble wheel combinations and cage wheels for bank work. Hourmeters are included on the engines so that service schedules can be maintained. All models feature a transmission free wheeling device which enables the operator to move the tractor by hand if they don’t wish to start the engine, very useful inside tight sheds or for positioning on trailers. Certain models have the option of electric starters instead of the usual pull start. The ability to work on steep ground is a Rapid speciality. Fitted with the correct wheel equipment, the Rapid hydrostatic drive tractor is safe to operate on the steepest of gradients giving the operator confidence to perform their task. Standard anti vibration damping gives all models excellent low vibration characteristics.

Rapid Rex

Rapid Rex hydrostatic hillside mowerThe Rapid Rex is the world's lightest hydrostatic hillside mower.

7hp Subaru Robin petrol engine, hydrostatic drive with continuous variable speed control, forward and reverse.

The Rapid Rex copes with extreme situations thanks to it's low centre of gravity and stability at high angles of slope. Newly developed sprocket wheels minimise damage to the ground.

Rapid RexEffortless manouvering via the steering handlebar and progressive forward and reverse travel with tried and tested Rapid Twist Grip Control.

4 x 8 wheels are standard with dual, cage and sprocket wheels available.

54/52mm attachment coupling. Attachments available include finger bar, middle cutting bar and snow plough.


Rapid Mondo

Rapid MondoThe Mondo is the smallest and most compact tractor in the range. It is in fact, the smallest hydrostatic driven tractor in the world! It features a 9hp petrol engine, hydrostatic transmission and a totally independent PTO system. A tool free quick attach change system allows for many different attachments. The Mondo has no awkward transmission clutches or difficult gears to find but just the familiar Rapid twist grip control giving progressive forward and reverse travel. The handlebars are easily adjusted to suit the operator’s height keeping the machine comfortable to use.

This versatile tractor is suitable for use where space is limited, maybe accessing gardens for landscapers or smallholders through to large open spaces where a light Rapid Mondo worlds smallest hydrostatic driven tractor weight tractor is required in wet lands such as reed beds. When used with the correct wheel type, such as dual or cage wheels, then the Mondo can be used on steep ground for operations such a grass cutting or alternatively with the single wheels set narrow, it’s ideal for jobs such as rotavating. It’s able to perform all these tasks thanks to its ability to work in two directions. The handlebars simply rotate, allowing the drive wheels to be either behind the attachment for jobs such as mowing or in front of the attachment for cultivation jobs. Whichever way the handlebars are, the controls remain the same making the Mondo a safe and easy tractor to operate.


Rapid Swiss

Rapid Swiss specialist bank tractorThe Rapid Swiss is a specialist bank tractor. It is the lightest walk behind tractor with active steering on the market.  It is equipped with a 9 hp petrol engine to give optimum performance on steep gradients. It features hydrostatic drive and handlebar controlled steering by means of two independent wheel motors. It is specially designed to work on very steep slopes and can be fitted with various wheel options including steel sprocket wheels for the severest of conditions. It features an independent PTO system to keep the attachment drive constant regardless of forward speed and, of course, the Rapid twist grip hydrostatic transmission control. The Swiss is a single direction tractor which is usually equipped with either a cutterbar or flail mower which can be changed swiftly by the tool free quick attach system.

Rapid Universo

Rapid UniversoThe Rapid Universo is a true all rounder. 13hp petrol or 10.5hp diesel engine, hydrostatic drive, active steering, two directional working, this is a professional machine for the professional operator. It features a two speed independent PTO giving speeds of 700rpm or 1000rpm so that you can match the attachments perfectly. It has the standard quick attach system and the Rapid twist grip transmission control.

Steering is controlled by levers mounted underneath each side of the handlebars. As a two directional tractor, the handlebars turn through 230 degrees and are able to lock in an offset position.Rapid Universo Rapid use their patented system called ‘Wendermatic’ to perform this which keeps the forward and reverse as well as the right and left hand steering controls the same, wherever the position of the handlebars. Obviously, this makes the machine much easier to use for the operator.

The Universo has the ability to perform in all areas whether it be rotavating or stone burying, grass cutting and flailing or haymaking with the mini round baler, this tractor is on top of its job. All this with the capability of performing each task on steep slopes if required.



Rapid Euro

Rapid EuroThe Rapid Euro is the most powerful of the Rapid range. It can be specified with either a 20hp twin cylinder petrol engine or with a 10.5hp diesel. It is a single direction tractor with hydrostatic drive. This is operated by the Rapid Twist grip control and steering is controlled by levers underneath the handlebars for left and right turns.

An independent PTO system is standard giving two speeds of either 630rpm or 1000rpm and attachments are added or removed by the Rapid tool free quick attach system. As a single direction tractor, the Rapid Euro is suitable for jobs such as grass cutting, baling, or powering a woodchipper.




A popular attachment for grass cutting where the grass is going to be used for forage feeds by means of round baling. Also used for cutting rough grass, brambles and material such as bracken or heather. Standard sizes available from 97cm upto 216cm. Wider cutterbars available by request.

Flail Mowers

Rapid flail mowerRapid flail mower

Closed hood flail mower featuring large diameter rotors with swinging back to back type flails are most popular. These all feature an adjustable roller to maintain even cutting height, multi vee belt drive and a safety over run clutch.

Safety Mulcher

Rapid safety mulcher

This consists of a very high speed, helical type rotor with fixed blades mounted to it. All the material is placed back down on the ground without being thrown out from the machine. This is especially useful when working in a sensitive area such as near to highways or where you will be near to the public. Widths available from 70cms up to 120cms

Eco Mulchers

Available in either single or twin bladed versions with a working width from 80cms up to 122cms

Drum Mower

Rapid drum mower

Two cylindrical mowing drums fitted with two blades per drum is ideal for grass mowing where the grass will be used for forage feeds. May also be used for rough grass cutting. Suitable for the Rapid Universo and Rapid Euro.

Hay Rake

This is a side sweeping band rake used for the rowing up of grass material and leaving a swath suitable for the mini round baler. Sizes available are from 150cms up to 220cm. Most popular size is the 180cms.

Mini Round Baler

Rapid mini bailerRapid mini bailer

Producing a bale of 500cm x  500cm and a weight of around 20kgs, the mini round baler is a compact version of the full size agricultural machines. Suitable for baling a wide range of material from hay and haylage through to bracken and heather.

Bale Wrapper

Used to seal the round bale for producing haylage or silage.


Available in two widths, 70cms to suit the Mondo or 90cms to suit the Universo/Euro. Featuring an adjustable hood which can be opened to give full access to the reversible rotor.

Power Harrow

The power harrows come complete with an adjustable net roller used to control the working depth. They are available in 75cm width for the Mondo and in 100cm width for the Universo/Euro.


Available in 100cm working width and is suitable for the Universo and Euro models. It comes complete with a net roller for depth control.

Snow Blower

Available in three versions, for soft, semi hard and hard packed snow. Working widths are 70cm, 80cm and 100cm. Fully adjustable delivery spout and replaceable wear plates.

Disc Mower

Working width of 130cm. Six disc c/w three blades. Height adjustable

Leaf Vacuum

70cm and 100cm working width. Suitable for both dry and wet leaves. Collection is into a large collection bag

Wood Chipper

Drum type chipper c/w two full width blades. Adjustable chute. 80cm capacity.


country by Wessex
Country by Wessex - a value for money range
of finishing and flail mowers

Country Finishing Mowers

A range of sturdy, 4-wheeled finishing mowers for private estates, large gardens and general maintenance of fine turf areas. Available in 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.1m working widths. The 1.5m and 1.8m models are also available as front mounted machines.

Features include :

  • Overlapping rotors
  • Adjustable lower link points
  • Floating top link
  • Simple height of cut variation
  • Simple belt adjustment
Wessex Country Finishing mower
Country Finishing Mower overlapping rotors
Country Finishing Mower
Country Finishing Mower
Country Finishing Mower
Working width (m) 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10
Overall width (m) 1.35 1.62 1.93 2.23
HP req'd (hp) 12+ 15+ 20+ 25+
Weight (kg) 178 196 214 370
Cutting height range (mm) 20-110 20-110 20-110 38-114

Country Flail Mowers

A range of heavy-duty flail mowers in 3 working widths for long grass and dense vegetation. Featuring heavy hammer flails and a full width rear roller the Country flail mower range are ideal for maintaining paddocks, rough grass areas and woodland rides.

Features include :

  • Hammer flails for pulverising heavy material
  • Full width roller for cutting height adjustment
  • Drive belts act as shock overload protection
  • Heavy cast gearbox
  • Front stone guards
  • In-line or offset linkage
Wessex Country Flail mower
Wessex Country Flail mower
Working width (m) 1.10 1.25 1.40
Overall width (m) 1.27 1.42 1.57
HP req'd (hp) 15 18 20
Weight (kg) 245 267 289
No. of hammers 8 8 10

Barreto Heavy-Duty Compact Tiller

Barretp 1320H Tiller
Model 1320H

FEATURES apart from the huge 4 year guarantee

  • Marked grease points allow for easy maintenance
  • Free-wheeling hubs unlock to transport the tiller without starting the engine
  • Counter-rotating tines cut through sod and hard packed soil
  • Hydraulics are easily accessed for maintenance and repair
  • Simple controls are easy to learn and easy to operate

Barreto tiller free Wheel HubBarreto Tiller Tines


All hydraulic means easy maintenance, no downtime, and the most efficient use of your horsepower to get the job done. Weight, balance, stability, and tine speed allow this tiller to work where others can’t. The open design allows for easy access to the hydraulics when maintaining or repairing. The heavy design means your tiller works for you instead of tossing you around. The tine drive motor is directly mounted to the tine shaft resulting in a system so durable the original tiller was rented out for more than 20 years. Counter-rotating tines break up the most difficult soil, clay or sod. The wheel drive and tine drive work independently of each other to allow your tilling travel speed to be adjusted to the soil conditions.

Barreto Tiller ControlsBarreto 1320H Heavy Duty Tiller


The operator friendly controls couldn’t be easier: one handle to set the tine drive and one to adjust the wheel drive. Engage the clutch lever, use the variable speed drive to adjust the ground speed, and engage the tines when you are ready to till. If you need to stop for a moment, drop the clutch and the tines and wheels will stop, leaving your engine running and ready to pick up where you left off.
With no belts, chains, or gears to mess with, maintenance is minimal. The hydraulic motor is recessed into the outside of the frame for easy accessibility and removal. Moving parts are protected by seals and plates. Pressure relief valves prevent damage when tines are blocked, reducing the chance of costly repairs.

£4,800 + VAT

L x W x H
Tilling Width
Hydraulic Reservoir
Ground Drive Forward
Ground Drive Reverse
Honda GX390 13HP
14 gallons
0-80 rpm
260 rpm


Ryan JR Sod Cutter from Ransomes

Ryan JR Sod CutterThe latest gold standard sod cutter from Ryan is now available, this unit features vastly improved hand arm vibration levels to go with the outstanding build quality associated with Ryan. 

Featuring improved hand arm vibration, and a new pneumatic lock-out rear wheel allowing easier cutting for curved landscaping, as well as straight line speed, available as either a 12” (305mm) or 18” (457mm) cut this is a true workhorse, the Ryan `Jr’ Sod Cutter packs the speed, convenience and reliability you’ve come to expect from such an established manufacturer.

This Ryan from Ransomes also has a 19mm or 32mm Mole blade attachment and there’s even a trenching blade kit available making it a true market leader of a machine.

Click to enlarge:

JR Sod Cutter Information JR Sod Cutter Technical Data



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