100% Recommendation Delight!

The team at RT Machinery took advantage of the Christmas slow-down to consider ways of improving their service. Keen to get some feedback from the people who matter the most, their customers, they sent out a short survey, asking everyone that spent money with them in the last two years, to rate them on their sales, servicing and parts service.

Managing Director, Richard Taylor said

“We’re dedicated to providing value for money along with a high-quality personal service and are always looking for ways to improve in order to give our customers the best service we can. We were blown away by the number of responses and truly humbled that 100% of respondents said they would recommend us!

We’re now going through every survey to see where improvements can be made and have already started the ball rolling on a few new things! It was absolutely the right thing for us to do and has tied in well with our work on a new website that will launch soon.”

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