Allett Stirling 51 Square Deal Kit

Battery-powered Pedestrian Cylinder Mower System

The Square Deal is the perfect package for complete cricket club square and wicket maintenance, with both the Battery Pitch Mower and all the mower accessories and attachments you need at amateur clubs or for fine lawn.

This semi-professional machinery package will meet limited budgets and a weekly cut requirement for home green, village pitch or not-for-profit organisations with hobby use.

The Square Deal package includes:

  1. Allett Stirling Mower with 10 Amp Battery and Rapid Charger
  2. 6-blade mowing cartridge for the Square or trim cuts
  3. UCC5110 10-blade mowing cartridge for wicket or green
  4. Scarifier Cartridge
  5. Brush Cartridge
  6. Verticutter Cartridge

The Stirling 51 has a 20” or 510mm working width and is not just a mower but a complete turfcare / lawncare system that utilises all the Allett Cartridges to achieve a greens standard ultra-low finish. With the height-of-cut range from 5mm to 50mm (4mm on 10-blade cartridge), it’s designed for cricket and bowls greens as well as medium to large lawns, and at a fraction of the cost of a high-end professional one.

The Allett® cartridge system gives professional level cultivation and clean-up for lawn-thatch control, autumn renovations and weed control. The Stirling range of cartridges will cultivate your green, wicket or lawn deeper, faster and with greater precision, with unprecedented control and new levels of comfort AND can be changed in under 15 seconds.

Optional Additional Cassettes and Accessories include an Aerator, Dethatcher, Cartridge stand and spare batteries.

This package is perfect for sports clubs, with funding often available. We are the perfect partner for assisting with your funding bid.