Barreto 9HP

Hydraulic Rotorvator | Special Offer

£6,550 + VAT

Hydraulic Drive, no gearboxes or linkages to break.

No damage due to roots, rocks or other immovable objects thanks to hydraulic relief valves. Tines reverse to remove jammed objects.

Comfortable + Easy to Use
The weight and balance of the machine add to the shock absorption qualities and aids stability and traction.

Low Maintenance + Repair Costs
Most moving parts are constantly lubricated by hydraulic fluid.

Hard Ground Tilling
Separate hydraulic motors drive the wheels and tines. Wheel speed is infinitely variable to allow slow forward motion with the tines at full speed.

Hard-faced and lockout when wheels are in reverse.

Hydraulics allow full forward to reverse for ease of turning and rock removal.

And traction prevents the tiller from running away in hard soil conditions.

Controls are fingertip positioned on handlebars and easy to understand. Simple to operate, with no need to lean forward.

Deadmans Clutch
Immediately shuts down all hydraulic power and all moving parts.

Low Cost
Long life, low maintenance and good residuals make this the most cost-effective tiller you can buy.

No more costly call outs. No downtime. No more clutches to buy and loads of very, very satisfied customers.

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