Cushman Hauler PRO-X

Battery-powered All-terrain Vehicle

The Cushman Hauler PRO-X gives users the range and power of a petrol-engined utility vehicle but in a silent all-electric package.

Experience unrivalled performance with maintenance-free ELiTE lithium powered by Samsung SDI technology and improve your range even further with the optional triple battery pack.

The Hauler PRO-X has added ground clearance that makes the rough terrain easy to overcome, built to go the extra mile and then go 50 more! Add to that a 544kg tow capacity and a 408kg load capacity and you can see the Hauler PRO-X is equipped for action.

In keeping with our goal of seeking out products that work within our environment sympathetically, we’re delighted to say that this electric UTV can pull our very best gang mower featured in some of the photos here – the RTM Tow n Mow® Sportster – using the RTM Hitch modification kit.  Take a look at the videos – Eco mowing at its best!