D.W. Tomlin Mole Drainer

The turf mole drainer, also known as a mole plough, minimises surface disruption because its slim leg blade cuts a narrow entrance slot and a spring-tensioned rear-following roller presses back the turf after the blade. The “mole” penetrates the soil with its pointed tip, expanding the chunnel as the full bullet body follows, fracturing and fissuring at the most beneficial depth. The chunnels help to channel excess water away and into ditches or lower areas.

Soil conditions need to be right: dry enough for good traction and to allow creative fissuring: typically an end of growth season process, but in some soils, you may be able to mole plough in spring as long as the surface is dry enough. However, it’s essential to know the system below the soil – if there is no gravel layer, untargeted moling could allow water to sit and make matters worse.