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Eco Weedkiller Pro SP

Weed Killer Sprayer

The Eco Weedkiller Pro SP is a serious step up from the domestic “Garden” model and is based on dose heating, intended for treating several small surface areas. It’s perfect for professionals working with multiple sites, parks, private estates and much more.

The rule of thumb is that 2 – 2.5 litres of hot water is needed per square metre for areas with 100% greenery coverage. This means that 300 litres of water is enough for 120 – 150 green square metres.

The water in Pro SP products has two purposes:

  1. To transmit heat to those plants that are to be removed and
  2. To STORE energy.

Water is an affordable “battery” compared to traditional electric batteries. The heating is done with electricity, but you can flexibly choose the method used for generating the energy needed, which helps decrease environmental impact. The device can be connected directly to solar panels, for example.

Customer feedback has shown us that people want to use their existing heat sources to warm up the water. Pro SP series models can flexibly utilise preheated water at temperatures between 5–80 degrees Celsius. Traditional devices based on diesel-run heaters cannot offer the same advantage.

The Pro SP device allows an unlimited number of very short treatments while keeping the temperature of the water even. The device will keep its warmth for at least eight hours after disconnecting the power. It does not need to be connected to the electricity network or water supply during use. You can go wherever you wish!

Also the Pro SP is almost silent in operation, with only the hiss of the nozzle letting the user know that the water is hot enough for weed control. Pro SP is an excellent choice for sites where noise could be disruptive: now you can enjoy your early summer mornings in silence!

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