Eliet Prof 6

On-Road Shredder | Special Offer

From £9,895 +VAT

The concept of a self-propelling shredder, which allows you to get to the back of the garden and process the cutting waste on-site, offers an ideal solution for many garden contractors. However, for another large group of gardeners, this added flexibility does not imply added value because they have a different work area. Especially for this group, Eliet developed a Prof 6 on a chassis for fast transportation purposes.

New Design upgrades across each machine include:

  Fuel tank and hydraulic tanks raised up under the hopper for easy filling and no funnels needed.

  Bigger Stronger Super Prof blades fitted into the PROF6 range – Heavy duty self-sharpening.

  ‘V’ Shape Infeed hopper for easy material feeding and more space for operator’s hands when using the twist grip drive.

  Easier horizontal blade cover opening with wider access to fan and blades for changing blades and discharge fan cleanout.

  Increased 4″ capacity

  Super Prof style discharge chute – higher trajectory for firing debris into higher vans and trailers.

  More robust dual hydraulic feed roller support with easy spring finger click off for access for blockages.

  Wider ATV style wheels for better stability and traction.

  Tie-down points front and back for ease of load securing when transporting

– An upgraded hydraulic mechanism to prevent machine “runaway” on slopes and trailer ramps when in drive.

  Wider aperture for bushy material – less cutting and trimming needed before feeding.

  Anti Block Management as standard on all units – control the feed system.

  Simple Maintenance and limited adjustments.

  Reduced grease nipples and heavy-duty sealed bearings.

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