Etesia Bahia M2EL + BA2EL

Lithium Battery Ride-On Mower

The Etesia Bahia M2EL is powered by a 51.2V, 100Ah lithium battery which enables users to get up to 3hrs 30 mins of action before it needs recharging. The lithium battery option is also 85kgs lighter compared to the lead acid battery version.

A purposeful ride-on mower that’s compact and easy to use, just 0.82 m wide and 1.98 m long, the Etesia M2EL features an incredibly tight turning circle. It nips into every nook and cranny and can be easily transported.

With its low centre of gravity, the Etesia M2EL 33/67 weight distribution on the front/rear axles make it a highly stable mower that masterfully copes with gradients. Furthermore, its 240-litre collection box is fed by a wide discharge chute ensuring very good filling of the material.

Further benefits include:

– Efficient in high or wet grass
– Perfectly collects leaves and debris – great for Autumn or for tidy up on sports surfaces.
– Mulching plug kit delivered as standard
– Automatic gearbox for instant forward, reverse and braking
– Easy maintenance with quick access to all mechanical parts
– Perfect visibility of the working environment
– All functions are accessible from the driver’s seat
– Tough bump-proof, mechanically welded support frame
– A wide range of accessories available
– Converter for 48 V electric accessories: hedge trimmers, edgers

Compact, tenacious, flexible and multi-tasking, Bahia adapts to every terrain, every grass-cutting situation and every task. Minimal guaranteed lawn mowing output 2500sq.m or 2 hours of mowing + 1h30 with batteries trailer.

Running costs = £0.42/per hour against £4.29 for the petrol model – energy cost divided by 10! Plus there are more reduced running costs: no belt, no filters and no engine oil.

Environmental impact on the complete life cycle is greatly reduced (Comparison between electric and petrol)
Carbon footprint reduction of 72% per hectare, destruction of the Ozone layer -95%, air pollution -100%, climate warming -77%, energy consumption -62%.