Etesia Buffalo 100 BPHPX

For over 25 years we have been selling Etesia mowers against all odds, all competition, and all conditions. We outperform, outlast and succeed time after time – you really should try before you buy and see for yourself. Petrol or diesel it’s the same result, we just have both.

The Etesia Buffalo – The Cut and Collect Force in Anti Clog Mowing

The Etesia Buffalo 100 BPHPX is a four-wheel drive diesel ride-on mower fitted with a 100-cm overlapping cutting deck and a 20.5 diesel Perkins engine, it has a higher hourly mowing output of up to 12 000 sq.m. per hour, and an unequaled weight-to-power ratio. Above all, it represents excellent value for money, both for the initial purchase and for use.

The efficiency of the cutting system of the new Buffalo 100 allows professionals to work faster (up to 12 km/h in optimal mowing conditions) and to improve productivity and output (can be used on wet grass, or in the rain).

The Buffalo 100 ride-on mower is fitted with a built-in grass collector with a capacity of 600 litres, and the hydraulic emptying system is controlled from the driver’s seat.

100cm Cutting Width

The shape of the cutting deck, in Mastershock, is optimised for low turbulence. The deck with double contra-progressive curls and a rear central ejection channel which, in conjunction with the two contra-rotating blades mounted at right angles to each other and overlapping by 6 cm, produces an extremely powerful vacuum and blowing effect. The result is a perfect cut and perfect grass collection every time.

Emptying up to 180cm Above the Ground

The grass collector is easily lifted and emptied hydraulically by controlling a hydraulic distributor from the driver’s seat. The collector can be emptied at any height up to 180 cm above ground level.

100% Emptying

The grass box is mounted between the rear wheels; a special flap holds the grass inside when the box is raised. The grass box is then opened to allow the grass to be emptied.

The transmission works on the rear wheels, using two hydraulic motors supplied by a variable flow pump, ensuring transmission efficiency close to 100%.

Differential Lock and Power Regulator

The Buffalo 100 ride-on mowers are equipped with a hydraulic flow divider, to ensure an effective differential lock, enabling maximum drive in difficult situations (slopes, slippery surfaces, etc.). Furthermore, a power regulator prevents the engine from stalling by adjusting the speed to suit the transmission torque demanded.


20.5-hp Diesel engine Perkins 403 V07, 3 cylinders.