Etesia Hydro 100 MK124

Ride-on Mower

The Etesia Hydro 100 MK124 is the perfect mower for very large areas. Its 124 cm cutting width, the widest of any Etesia ride-on mower, significantly reduces the time spent maintaining green areas. Equipped with a powerful new Kawasaki engine, a hydraulically operated 500-litre capacity grassbox that empties in seconds and effortlessly. The ROPS secures the mower in the event of an overturn, and it is foldable for transport.

The Hydro 100 MK124 is a model that goes beyond existing standards!

New engine MORE POWER
New transmission MORE PRODUCTIVE
Differential lock BETTER TRACTION

The new H100 MK124 ride-on mowers boast a modern hydraulic drive transmission with a differential lock for improved traction and drivability. Its 18 HP twin-cylinder Kawasaki engine and its larger 14-litre tank give it more power and range. The cutting deck with rear central ejection combined with two counter-rotating blades, the high-clearance bridge and the large box make it an undisputed standard-setter for mowing and collection.

The Cutting Quality is Unique
An exclusive revolutionary concept: cutting and collecting in any condition. Angled at 90 degrees, the twin contra-rotating blades efficiently lift and eject the clippings directly into the grass box via the large rear aperture.

Easy Emptying
The large capacity 500-litre grass collector is emptied without leaving the driving seat. Ergonomically designed for ease of use, a single lever situated beside the driver hydraulically raises and empties the grass box.

Mowing in Very High Grass
For wildflower meadows and other sites where non-collection is required, an optional rear deflector allows grass to be ejected safely to the ground.

Economical + Ecological Mowing
Thanks to its new shape, the Hydro 100 Mk124 cutting deck provides the user with a machine capable of providing the perfect mix, 100% effective collection or mulching, giving you the best of both functions. The mulching insert (optional) can be set up in a few seconds without any tools allowing you to mulch with unmatched quality.

Etesia Hydro 100 MK124

Ride-on Mower


“I’ve made my living from these machines directly or indirectly for over 30 years. I’ve also used one every week as a volunteer groundsman for a local football club since 1991, cutting pitches in all weather!

It’s incredibly reliable, cuts and collects every bit as well in wet weather as well as dry and is easy to maintain, with the added bonus of good parts availability. No surprise as Etesia invests heavily in R&D, extensive testing and listening to their customers. The Etesia product, especially the Hydro 100 ticks all the boxes.

We’ve seen 3 generations now of the same machine and they just get better. We have always said to all our customers if you buy an Etesia Hydro 100 you have bought a machine for life. Certainly, if I had to buy a new machine I wouldn’t choose anything else!”