Etesia ET Lander

Battery-powered Multi-Purpose Utility Vehicle | Special Offer


The electric ET Lander is a truly revolutionary addition to the utility vehicle market – the result of an ambitious project by Etesia, requiring several years of research and development.

It’s no surprise it has won the SALTEX 2021 Innovation award within the vehicle category, while also finishing second within the environmentally friendly category.

This compact, eco-friendly, efficient and long-range utility vehicle has numerous features and benefits which make it a no-brainer to consider for councils, private estates and contractors, both for urban areas and green spaces.

Ultra user-friendly, the range is up to a working day in varied use and its battery can be recharged in 8 hours on a simple power outlet. It has a loading capacity of 1 metric ton and can tow up to 750g, making it a true workhorse.

The ET Lander also has a few surprises, including build options which include a 3-way tipper bed with dual control from the cab or by remote control, a fully enclosed cabin with heater, and clever side panels that can be converted to loading ramps without the use of tools.

Seeing is believing!

The ET Lander  is available to build-to-order in a range of specs including:

– Tipping alloy body
– Greedy board sides
– Cabbed or uncabbed
– In-cab heating
– Additional passenger seats
– Tool carriers
– Loadable storage boxes
– Aluminium loading ramps
– Power outlets for tools and hedge trimmers

In addition to the factory specs above, our modifications team here at RT Machinery can supply more custom-built additions, seen in some of the photos here:

– RTM VMF Extension Side Kit for chipping into and rubbish collection on-site – extends sides to cab top level.

– RTM VMF Canopy to give machinery, chippings, waste and more protection from rain and wind – complete canopy cover and rolls back if not in use.

– RTM VMF Lift Kit to extend the extension side kit above roof level and provide even greater capacity.

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