Ferris FM35

48″ Pedestrian Flail Mower for Contractor and Estate

The FM35 walk-behind 48″ flail mower is designed to combat the most demanding environments and is ideal for mowing rough and overgrown areas. The strong welded steel construction houses a robust flail rotor of 122 cm cutting width with 34 independent flail blades which deliver excellent cutting action. This efficient flail mower is designed to excel in applications such as landscaping, agriculture, utility, maintenance, construction sites, road right-of-ways, trails, and all other areas needing brush or overgrown area control. Cut, mulch and spread, leaving a fine finish, with the FM35 walk-behind flail mower.

This pedestrian flail is a tough mower with slope and bank capability, hydrostatic drive and a heavy-duty commercial Kawasaki petrol engine.

There is also a dual-wheel kit available for extra traction and safe operation!