GKB Cultirol

We imagine you are familiar with this problem; heavily compacted, bare goal areas where the grass is not able to grow anymore and where the water stays on the pitch. This area is difficult to keep in top condition without very intensive maintenance activities. Do you want to give this area of the pitch the appearance that it deserves? Then we can provide you with the solution.

At GKB we have a machine developing and production division, as well as our contractor division, which consists of around 150 employees who test and work with our products. Just like you, we prefer to operate as quickly and efficiently as possible. With our Cultirol you can combine two operations in one, breaking and smoothing the compacted soil.

The Cultirol can be mounted on the front of your tractor. As you drive forward the mole ploughs will slide into the soil to a depth of 20 cm. Consequently, the heavily compacted soil layers will be broken and mixed. If you drive backwards during the same operation, you can level the soil with the pressure roller. With this operation, you have created a good foundation for overseeding. The goal area will have the appearance and feel it deserves in no time. Of course, you can use the Cultirol on every area of your natural grass pitch!