GKB Deep Tine Aerator


Compaction is a problem for groundsman and greenkeepers worldwide, considered one of the major causes of poor sward density, root development and waterlogging. Aeration of compacted sports fields and golf courses is, therefore, a common practice in all renovations and maintenance programs. The GKB Deep Tine Aerator (DTA) can penetrate through the compacted turf with various tine sizes on different depths. Surface water can then pass through the profile, allowing air into the root structure, which enables those roots to become stronger. Ultimately this means a healthier grass plant and improved surface.

With its unique tine mounting system, quick changeover for different size tines has never been easier and with the adjustable heave angle up to 25 degrees, it’s possible to intensively aerate the whole upper layer. All DTAs are provided with a 3-speed heavy-duty gearbox, so you can adjust the speed of the tines to create the required pattern in the turf. In addition, the DTA requires minimal maintenance as it’s fitted with heavy-duty sealed bearings on the crankshaft, ensuring focus is always on improving the ground and less on maintaining the machine.

The DTA120 has a maximum working depth of 25 centimetres and is mainly used on greens or with smaller tractors.

The DTA160 will be used mainly on golf courses and sports pitches. This machine has a working depth of 30 centimetres.

The DTA210 and DTA260 are provided with a hydraulic depth adjustment so that you can easily set the desired depth. The tines on those two versions have a working depth maximum of 40 centimetres.

Type Working width Working depth Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Power requirement
DTA120 120 cm / 47″ 25 cm / 10″ 120 x 130 x 90 cm / 48 x 52 x 36″ 500 kg / 1105 lbs > 18 hp
DTA160 160 cm / 63″ 30 cm / 12″ 100 x 170 x 120 cm / 39 x 67 x 48″ 930 kg / 2051 lbs > 35 hp
DTA210 210 cm / 83″ 40 cm / 16″ 120 x 220 x 140 cm / 48 x 87 x 56″ 1400 kg / 3087 lbs > 55 hp
DTA260 260 cm / 103″ 40 cm / 16″ 160 x 270 x 180 cm / 63 x 107 x 71″ 2000 kg / 4410 lbs > 65 hp