GKB Ecodresser

Environmentally Conscious Dressing | Special Offer

£15,195 +VAT

The GKB Ecodresser is a 3-in-1 maintenance machine and somewhat of an environmental genius.

Specially developed for the maintenance of natural grass sports fields and golf courses, the machine evens out the terrain and spreads dressing soil from the existing top layer. In combination with the nutrient-rich material that is placed on top, the soil is also aerated, ensuring greatly improved drainage and quality of your surfaces. In addition, the Ecodresser loosens the soil, so that no weeds can grow in the top layer.

So three functions:

  1. Aerating the soil intensively (20cm deep)
  2. Environmentally conscious dressing, with your own soil
  3. Creating good sowing conditions

Environmental Genius

You use your own soil as dressing!

The Ecodresser prevents extra weeds by dressing using the existing topsoil layer. This will of course save you purchasing costs for sand, but it will also save the environment. Not only does it save you from having to bring in the sand (sand excavations, CO2 emissions), but it also prevents you from bringing in pollution or extra weed seeds with the purchased sand. That way you don’t have to use pesticides. This fits in perfectly with the tendency to control weeds only by mechanical means.

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