GKB Leaf Reducer 150

Leaf Reducer | Sports Maintenance

The GKB Leaf Reducer offers an economic and environmentally-friendly alternative to the time-consuming task of leaf collection – effectively mulching the material and returning it, and its nutrients, back to the surface to the benefit of impoverished soils – a 100% sustainable method of converting leaf waste into a soil improver!

In a single pass, the flails on the Leaf Reducer collect the leaves before a turbine provides both initial fragmentation and the airflow needed to pull the material into the machine where it is further milled into a fine mulch. The fine ‘porridge-like’ material is then returned to the surface via a rear ejector which can be adjusted to the desired direction depending on the location.

There are no disposal or landfill costs, which ensures a large CO2 reduction and the method can be used in urban areas, for example in parks and lawns. The Leaf Reducer is available with a 1.5m working width, and an adjustable working height to treat areas with short grass as well as long grass. The outflow is determined with the hydraulically driven disc unit behind the machine and can be regulated right behind the machine, to the left or the right.

It can be used in conjunction with leaf blowers to pulverise the leaves en masse in areas where nutrition and composting is needed or most beneficial or away from pedestrian or traffic routes.  This machine can also assist on estates or golf courses where pine cones, acorns and other debris needs recycling or pulverising.