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Do you want to effectively remove organic matter, combat black layer or remove weeds without the use of pesticides, all whilst preventing the emergence of stubborn annual meadow grass? Sustainable management of your sports surface begins with using the right machine for the job. The VCollector is suitable for the scarification of golf courses, cricket fields and winter sports pitches. This machine has been specially developed to follow contours, delivering effective scarification while leaving the processed surface clean and ready for play.

How does the VCollector scarifier work?

The VCollector is optimally equipped for removing organic matter and weeds thanks to GKB’s unique CombiRotor. This powerful rotor rotates against the direction of travel for effective scarification and a precise cutting motion. The cutting rotor is especially effective against weeds, using heavy duty 3mm steel blades to effortlessly cut through even the thickest roots at a working depth of up to 5cm. The blades on the VCollector are also mounted with wind vanes, creating an airflow to suck the removed material into the collection container, leaving a clean finish.

Available to hire or buy – please get in touch for more details! We normally have an ex hire machine available to buy.

Alternative larger model available in 1.6m working width.

If you don’t need a collector, you may want to consider the GKB VStrong Scarifier instead: The same performance but the scarified material is left on the ground.

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