Husqvarna CEORA™ 546 EPOS™

Pro Robotic Mower | Special Offer

£26,500 + VAT

A complete CEORA™ pro robotics package for peak-performance, large-area mowing, featuring Husqvarna EPOS™ technology.

Systematic, high-precision cutting tailored for optimised flexibility within virtual boundaries. Handles very large areas such as multiple football fields, golf courses or large hotel, company or municipal facilities. Will cover: up to 75,000m² for a regular quality of cut cutting every 3rd day), up to 50,000m² for a pro quality of cut (cutting every 2nd day), or up to 25,000m² for a pro sports quality of cut (cutting every day).

Delivers a professional result on the turf, operating quietly and with zero emissions while in use.

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