Husqvarna CEORA

Battery-powered Robotic Mower

The Husqvarna CEORA platform is a revolutionary, autonomous turf care solution for grass areas of up to 50,000 m2 – that’s ten times the maximum area that Husqvarna’s Automower® can handle! The sheer scale of this robotic lawn management makes CEORA an industry game-changer, marking the start of a new era in commercial turf care management.

CEORA is designed specifically for demanding, professional applications, delivering a first-class result in a cost-efficient and safe way with low noise and zero emissions*. In fact, it reduces costs by approximately 30% compared with conventional commercial mowers**. CEORA operates fully independently within a defined area and its systematic mowing technology offers cuts in parallel paths.

One machine can cover areas up to 50,000 m2 and operates using the leading-edge Husqvarna EPOS technology, a high-precision satellite navigation system that delivers an accuracy of 2-3 centimetres. The EPOS technology allows operation without physical wires, enabling quick digital redefinitions of the work area to accommodate flexible use of the lawn, aerating and scarifying without risk of damage to wires.

* Zero emission means no direct emissions during use.

** Based on calculations made by Husqvarna, using estimates of total cost of ownership of CEORA compared with a conventional ride-on-mower, on average over a 5 year period.  Calculations of total cost of ownership include installation, staff, energy consumption, service, maintenance and repairs in Europe on average.