Husqvarna P 524XR EFI

Petrol-powered Commercial Front Mower
With Remote-Control Option

Built for commercial year-round use, the Husqvarna P 524XR EFI is a front-mounted petrol ride-on lawn mower, equipped with All-Wheel Drive and FlexiDrive – a seamless transition between operator-seated mode and remote-control mode.

With FlexiDrive Husqvarna has made it possible to operate a commercial front mower from a distance, solving any problem of tackling areas where safety might be compromised. Users can still operate the front mower in a traditional way when they want, simply by switching between the two modes quickly and seamlessly.

The P 524XR EFI incorporates a Kawasaki engine with Electronic Fuel Injection for enhanced power and torque, as well as a Digital user interface and built-in Husqvarna Fleet Services™ connectivity. As with all 500 series, this model is delivered deckless but adapted for high-capacity cutting decks up to 137 cm.

The P524XR EFI front mower also retains the proven quality and features of Husqvarna’s other ride-on mowers, such as the articulated steering, which makes it possible to operate in complex or narrow places where high manoeuvrability is required.