Kersten K1500

2-Wheeled Tractor Power Unit

The Kersten K1500 provides a professional medium weight hydraulic two-wheel power unit. The versatile self-propelled machine features the Kersten Quick-Attach35 system that allows the various implements to be changed in seconds without the use of tools. The K1500 further advances the quest for high operator comfort with low noise and vibration levels.

The range of attachments includes snow ploughs to spreaders.

A 6.5hp Honda engine and Kersten’s own hydraulic transmission system keeps maintenance to a minimum and reliability to a maximum. Attachments for the K1500 include the Kersten WeedBrush, a 90cm sweeper with collector and gulley brush, snow plough blade, salt/grit spreader, reciprocating knife mower and a trailing sulky seat.

This is the perfect site maintenance machine for schools, colleges, small contractors, housing associations, hire shop, estates etc.