Muratori at RT Machinery

Muratori MT30R

Flail Mower Collector + Scarifier Verticut Collector

Available to order with flail blades or verticutter (scarifier fan blades) and additional front roller in place of front wheels.

Suits tractors from 20hp to 45hp and is available in 3 working widths 1.05 metre, 1.30 metre, and 1.53 metre all with hydraulic emptying.

The machine fits neatly to the three-point linkage for transport and emptying – it travels lowered on the ground in a float position in work to follow the contours and to run true behind the tractor.

Ideal for park, estate, home or sports surfaces and a great way to cut and collect wildflower, meadow growth or scarification cleanings.

Make the most of your tractor; condition or clean surfaces efficiently and tidily.