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Ohashi ES151GH

6-Inch Wood Chipper

The ES151GH is the most powerful compact chipper in its class. There are other compact, mobile chippers with automatic infeed, however, none of them chip up to 15cm diameter wood and none are as compact as the ES151GH!

The compact size allows the chipper to access almost all areas, reducing the time and effort required when dragging material to traditional wood chippers to process waste. At 730mm wide there would not be many side gates or doorways that the ES151GH could not fit through, making it highly manoeuvrable.

In addition, the ES151GH can produce a consistently sized and uniform woodchip, a quality normally reserved for larger 35hp woodchippers. This more usable and attractive chip can remove the need to transport the chip away for disposal as often customers are happy to have the chips remain in their garden as an attractive mulch on beds and borders to reduce weed growth.