Orec FL500BC

Walk Behind Samurai Brushcutter | Special Offer

£1,950 +VAT

The Orec FL500BC brings brush cutting and rough-cut clearance to an affordable level without compromise.

Walk Behind Brush Cutter
The FL500BC, a Walk Behind Brush Cutter by OREC, will slash all types of brush including medium grass, weeds, undergrowth, suckers, seedlings and even the lawn. The blade is designed to be horizontal, so it can be used as a lawn mower with a low mowing height setting, giving a neat finish in orchards, pathway areas or churchyards.

Used by professionals across many industries from landscaping and park maintenance to organic farming and vineyard management, the Samurai has become a staple among outdoor professionals because of its one-of-a-kind, user-friendly design.

A cut off the old block and built as tough as any of the Orec products! Reliable and powerful Honda engine, independent blade and traction drive, tough gear drive mechanism for traction through two large rear wheels, steel deck, single easy-adjust height controls and an independent engage and lock blade drive.

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