Special Offer Orec HRC813

Tracked Crawler Flail Mower | Special Offer

£4,950 + VAT

This brand new HRC813 Walk Behind Flail Mower by OREC, The Bull Mower, does the brush clearing and mulching for you! According to the manufacturer and many of its users, this is the best tractive flail mower in the world. Its flails cut brush much finer than a rotary blade. In fact the thirty-eight flail blades that chew up and mulch the brush give you an all-in-one brush mower and mulching machine. You’ll be amazed at how much brush this monster can mash, taking down tall grass, weeds, brambles, and even small saplings.

The crawler system gives good traction on the slope and soft ground and the side clutch steering system enables you to turn the machine easily.

The Bull Mower is easy to use, too, with a stress-free clutch turning system and easy to use blade height adjustment.

Cutting width:  800mm

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