Orec RM60W Rabbit

Ride-on Brushcutter
with Twin Offsets

In the Champagne region of France, where the price of farmland is incredibly high, not a bit of space can be wasted and the space between the rows of vines is narrow – only about one metre.

OREC, therefore, commercialised a Ride-on mower with an extremely narrow body width: the RM60G. This became a hot topic among growers, and a year later, more than 100 of these models were running around there. Today, the Ride-on mowers are also used on farms of the leading champagne brands Moet & Chandon and Dom Perignon.

Today the RM60G has developed into the RM60W, with offsets on both sides.

Thanks to its extremely compact size and low centre of gravity, the Rabbit Mower manages to be very agile and fast when mowing. If you have uneven ground or hollows, the front pivoting wheel axle always allows a safe and easy advance.

The retractable mobile wing appendages combined with the external rubber protection preserve the trunk of the plant during mowing operations, avoiding any kind of damage.

The outer wing extension retracts when an obstacle contacts the protection wheel or by simply pressing and releasing the control pedal. A lever on the top of the wingtip allows the wingtip to be lifted, with the swashplate disengaged, when moving.