Orec RMK151

Ride-on Brushcutter
with Off-Set

A new model in the Rabbit range of excellent value, robust brushcutters, the Orec RMK151 is a convenient and fast way to cut the grass and brush around obstacles, under solar panels and between rows. You can reduce the tedious and time-consuming manual work with a hand-held brushcutter!

The retractable mobile wing and the external rubber protection preserve the stem or trunk of any plants, avoiding any kind of damage. The mobile wing simply retracts when an obstacle contacts the protection wheel and can also be retracted manually by pressing and releasing the control pedal.

Thanks to its extremely compact size and low centre of gravity, the Rabbit Mower manages to be very agile and fast when mowing. Its reduced weight and footprint make it an agile operating machine that does not compact the soil and if you have uneven ground or if there are hollows, the front pivoting wheel axle always allows a safe and easy advance.

A lever on the top of the wingtip allows it to be lifted, with the swashplate disengaged, when moving.