Orec ZHR800

Stand-on Tracked Crawler Flail Mower

The new Orec “Zero Turn” hydrostatic stand-on flail mower achieves double the working capacity of a tracked flail mower from the HRC series. In fact, in the best working conditions, the maximum speed of the ZHR800 is 7.5 km/h against the 3.5 km/h of the HRC813 model.

The operator has a wider view compared to a traditional flail mower and in an emergency, the operator can dismount from the machine causing it to stop immediately.

The ZHR800 is also equipped with 4 useful lifting eyebolts when it’s necessary to lift the machine. Thanks to its compact dimensions it can easily be transported on small and medium-sized vans.

The cutting unit can be lifted almost vertically to facilitate cleaning operations and maintenance of the knife drum. This lifting angle is only permitted for maintenance.