Pellenc ALPHA

Battery Gardener Kit

Perfect for gardeners, this package brings together the first truly professional “on-board” battery range, allowing you to work quietly and effectively for hours, whilst delighting your environmentally conscious clients:

1. Pellenc ALPHA Helion Hedge Trimmer
Perfect for all types of cutting from pruning to finishing, allowing for cuts of up to 33 mm in diameter.

2. Pellenc ALPHA Excelion Grass Strimmer
Cuts dense patches as well as soft grasses and offers high-quality mulching, even on tough grasses.

3. Pellenc ALPHA 520 Battery
High-powered and is easy to install and long-lasting, giving you up to 3.5 hours of work with the Pellenc ALPHA Excelion Grass Strimmer and up to 6 hours of work with the Pellenc ALPHA Helion Hedge Trimmer.

4. Pellenc ALPHA Battery Charger
To fully charge your battery ready for the next job!

This range has what it takes to convert the last of the professionals who are hesitant to abandon petrol powered tools: ideal for professional gardeners/landscapers working on green spaces.

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