Pellenc Chasta Charging Station Management System

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Optimised Management with all your Batteries

Organise your charging and save time with this charging cabinet, which can hold up to 10 battery chargers. Pellenc Charging Station can manage several batteries charging at once, and suspend, maintain, or defer the charging of each of the batteries individually. Its dashboard shows the savings in CO2 emissions—and thus in euros—compared to the use of petrol tools. This connected device can send statistics to the equipment manager by email. It provides the means to control energy consumption, reduce operating costs, and remotely monitor actual battery use.

  • Centralises the management of all your batteries and optimises their charging time.
  • Keeps the batteries charged.
  • Quick display of charge level lets you save time on battery availability.
  • Battery charging activity reports.
  • Several adjacent Charging Stations can be managed from a single interface.
  • Customisable configuration: equivalent price and consumption of petrol, exchange rates, etc.
  • Statistical data sent by email (requires Wi-Fi).
  • Up to 10 batteries charged at once, including 2 at maximum speed.
  • Defers battery charging to off-peak electricity times.
  • Allows 10 chargers to be connected to a dedicated 16A power supply (no need to resize the electrical installation)
  • Neat battery charging area.
  • No power strips.

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Real-time Battery Management

Real-time Battery Management

  • Charge one or more batteries
  • Deferred charging of one or more batteries
  • Put charging on hold
  • Keep one or more batteries charging
Viewable Data

Viewable Data

  • Actual energy consumption of the cabinet
  • CO² savings compared to a petrol tool
  • Savings in euros compared to a petrol tool