Pellenc Securion

Fire-protection Charging and Storage Cabinet
for Lithium-ion Batteries

Securion is a type F90 fireproof storage cabinet, specially developed for charging Pellenc lithium-ion batteries but also for charging other equipment. Available in M and XL models, they can store up to 40 batteries.

All Securion models are compatible with the Charging Station, combining fire-protection storage and charge management of your Pellenc batteries.

Securion has been designed to protect employees, buildings and equipment from fire, heat, toxic fumes and smoke gases.

In the event of a fire, the doors inside or outside the Securion cabinet close automatically. This not only ensures security overnight and at the weekend, but it also protects employees or customers who are present.

In an emergency, those affected have enough time to get to safety and alert rescue services. Fire, vapours, and fumes remain mostly inside the cabinet and can even be extracted directly via the standard ventilation connection. This gives the fire services control and allows the cabinet to be opened backdraft-safely at any time after it has been triggered – regardless of whether the source of the fire is inside the cabinet or outside the building.

While the batteries are being safely stored, they can also be charged, and, thanks to extensive internal electrification, the Securion also offers TÜV-tested fire protection for charging devices and batteries from other manufacturers.


Monitoring unit that triggers in the event of fire (visual and audible alert).

For secure access, all compartments are individually lockable in addition to the main door.

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