Pellenc ULiB 750


Extra thin, compact and lightweight, the Pellenc ULiB 750 battery has been developed to work with all Pellenc battery tools in the range. This model has a sleek and compact design, weighing less than 4.5kg, making it ideal for tree surgeons as well as grounds maintenance professionals.

A full LCD display on the front of the battery allows the operator to see power consumed, cost of fuel saved in terms of petrol, the tools that have been used and a battery life indicator.

It is also IP54 water-proof rated, so the worry some users have of working in the rain with a battery-powered product is no longer an issue.

It comes complete with the new battery harness designed around user comfort, which allows the battery to be stood upright when taken off the operator. In addition, it can be fitted to the backpack in either direction, allowing the cable to come out of the top or bottom depending on the type of machine being used.

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