Ransomes Sportcutter – Replaced by our own RTM Sportster

Gang Mowers | Special Offer

From £15,500 + VAT

RTM Sporster units can be ganged together in 1, 3, or 5 units. Cutting width for 3 gangs is 2.10m (84″), or 5 gangs 3.5m (138″).  Height of cut: 6 knife Sportcutter unit: 13-45 mm (0.51″-1.77”). Flexible framework and universal couplings enable gangs to be close-coupled and trailed in line for ease of transport. Sportster cylinders deliver 36 cuts/m for a fine finish.

For more than a century ground-driven gang mowers by Ransomes and others have provided one of the most efficient, cost-effective and productive methods for maintaining large open spaces. RTM Tow n Mow® Sportster Gang Mowers have added refinements to this method – puncture-free tyres, taper roller bearings, easy engage drive and simple frame options. They can be configured from a single unit to a maximum of five.

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