RTM Snappy Snow Plough

Kit Attachment

The easy-attach, tough, RTM Snappy Snow Plough Kit is built to work with the Scag SWZ, giving you two machines in one and helping you to maximise your value from the machine throughout the year. The blade can be angled to shift snow to the right, left or straight ahead to suit your space. The height of the blade can also be adjusted – just off the ground for normal snow clearance or floating at ground level, both following the contours of your land.

The blade can then be removed just as quickly for the grass cutting season. If you have a Scag SWZ already, all you need to do is get in touch with us at RT Machinery to order your RTM Snappy Snow Plough Kit. If you don’t have the Scag SWZ yet, we can help you with that too!