Scag SWZ

Hydraulic Drive Pedestrian Bank Mower

The Scag SWZ is our toughest walk-behind mower with the choice of rotary, side or rear discharge and flail head or RTM Snappy Snow Plough Kit. For easier and quicker starting, the 48” and 52” machines are now available with electric start.

Hydraulic power and simple design combine to make the SWZ the most efficient and easy-to-handle, walk-behind you can buy. The SWZ has all the features Scag mowers are famous for: they’re made with tough, durable components for long life and feature heavy duty cutter decks that deliver an unmatched cut.

Powerful, long-lasting, hydro-drive commercial grade pedestrian (walk-behinds) get the job done fast, for maximum efficiency.

Heavy-duty cutter decks are constructed for outstanding durability (52″ and 61″ decks are made with a 10-gauge top and 7-gauge skirt, 36″ and 48″ decks are constructed of 7-gauge steel).

Our bank and slope spec machines are equipped with the addition of dual wheel and chevron grip tyres as well as an inclinometer to give you sure-footed and safe operations on slopes and banks up to 45 degrees. See our Scag SWZ with Rotary Flail.