SCH De-Compaction Rake

The SCH De-Compaction Rake (DCR rake) has been specifically designed to alleviate the compaction on 3G artificial surfaces. The DCR firstly relieves the compaction with a row of spring tines. This action pulls up the matted surfaces and the compacted rubber /sand fill. Two rows of levelling bars re-spread the fill to the surface. Finally, a strip brush smartens up the surface.

The DCR is mounted on a four-wheel chassis. The two front wheels are solid casters to allow for turning in tight corners. The two rear wheels are on jack legs. All four wheels have adjusting facilities, this means the exact penetration pressure is put on the tines. The rear brush can be removed if required or the unit may be adjusted so the brush only is in contact with the surface. The DCR can be pulled by its tow bar or a three-point linkage version is available. The two rear wheels can be jacked down to raise the entire unit for transport to the storage area etc.

The DCR incorporates a carrying tray which is useful to carry small tools, collection of litter etc.