Shibaura SG280E

The SG280 is designed for mowing on slopes in as much comfort as on the flat. It is a sturdy mower with a low centre of gravity.

The SG280 looks like a lawn and garden tractor, but is much larger. It has a PTO driven, 152 cm wide mower deck with side or rear discharge. The mower deck has been reinforced by means of additional plates and anti-scalping rollers in order to survive the rough mowing work on hills. All swivelling wheels, rollers and rotating parts have lubricating nipples. The wheels are driven by means of hydraulic engines. You can operate it in two-wheel (transport) or four-wheel (mowing) drive, by means of a lever at the left side. When the two-wheel drive is chosen, the rear wheels will get the oil for the front wheel drive as well. If you let go of the driving pedal, the hydro engines will stop immediately, which is quite handy on a slope.

The mower is equipped with a horizontal rolling seat capable of adjusting to an incline of up to 25 degrees for your quick and easy operation.

It is excellently able to mow steep slopes, and thanks to the 1.5 m wide mower deck you are also able to work efficiently on flat terrain.