Sisis Maxislit

Deep Slitter | Special Offer

From £6,350 + VAT

The SISIS Maxislit is a tractor mounted deep slitting lawn aerator for sports field maintenance, golf course maintenance and amenities, with deep, clean penetration. Suitable for maintenance of football, soccer rugby and cricket pitches and golf courses, it can also be used for lawns and gardens.

Aeration is needed to improve drainage, reduce turf compacting, thatch build up and boost the health of lawns and the Maxislit is an ideal tool for outstanding turf and lawn treatment.

The Maxislit produces outstanding underground cultivation due to the angle of the tines and spiral design of tine shaft assist penetration and its simple design requires little maintenance.

This 1.8M model includes a set of heavy duty tines (F34842) and roller.

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