Used Raymo Torpedo Battery-Powered Remote Control Mower

With R48CRAFT Deck | Ex-Demo

£22,500 + VAT

The RAYMO fully electric, radio-controlled mower gives you 4-5 hours of mowing between charges and is safe, agile, efficient, silent, clean and inexpensive to operate.

The mower itself is extremely low in height, allowing you to access low clearance areas, and has an outstanding climbing ability for sloping and undulating terrain. The ZTR steering system in combination with 4WD delivers exceptional driving and manoeuvring features.

Remote control keeps you at a safe distance, further reducing your exposure to noise and dust while you keep an eye on the surrounding environment.

With innovation at the core, you can choose to swap your fully electric cartridge in the Raymo machine for a second electric cartridge to extend your hours. Or you could choose to swap it for a plug-in hybrid cartridge at any time, giving more hours still. You can have multiple cartridges of different types and change them as often as you like – it only takes a minute.

An electrifying experience.

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