Vanguard Oil Guard System

Save Time and Journeys for Servicing!

The Vanguard Oil Guard oil filtration and engine oil management system allows you to extend service intervals to a 500 hour period between oil changes. The dry sump and filtered oil that flows through a large cooling aluminium tank typically means up to 4 fewer service visits or oil changes in a season. The oil is the same, it’s just managed and protected better to reduce “Thermal breakdown” and increase the volume that’s circulated through the engine – How Cool is That!

1. Easy fill cap and integrated oil filter make oil changes easier, cleaner and faster.
2. High-capacity external oil reservoir keeps oil and engine cooler.
3. Unique, dry sump system ensures off-angle lubrication and minimises the thermal breakdown of oil.

Look for the Vanguard Oil Guard on a range of our products.