Ventrac KM500 Loader

Ventrac Attachments

The Ventrac KM500 Loader has arrived, adding enhanced versatility for the landscape, hardscape, site work, and tree care industries. With easy operation and effortless installation, the KM500 Loader on the Ventrac 4520 is a dream combination that maximises the capability of the tractor while serving as a loader and material mover. When combined with a dual-wheeled tractor, it becomes the most turf-friendly loader in the industry, allowing you to move quickly across turf without tracking the ground.

The four attachment options for the Loader add more versatility than ever before. The KM500 comes standard with a loader bucket for lifting, moving, transporting, and positioning any material it can scoop. And adding to the attachment capability line-up are the Rock Bucket with Grapple, the Log Grapple, and the Light Material Bucket.