Ventrac KV552 V-Blade Snow Plough

The 55-inch Ventrac KV552 V-Blade Snow Plough maximizes efficiency with the ability to quickly change from V plough to Scoop to straight blade, all from the convenience of Ventrac’s exclusive S.D.L.A. control system. With a 48″ V width, the KV552 is ideal for walks and areas that larger blades are unable to plough.

Standard features include hydraulically activated wing cylinders, mechanical trip, adjustable cast iron skid shoe discs, reversible high carbon hardened steel cutting edges, and a centre shoe for gliding over rough terrain. Pivot points are fully greasable to ensure proper operation, even in the worst environments.

The KV552 V-Blade fits Ventrac 3000 and 4000 series tractors, and requires the 12V switch and plug kit.